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'Memories of Medicine before the NHS and other things!' or David Goodwin on Medicine, Midwives, Magic and Mr Netball!

David Goodwin

David Goodwin

David's parents met whilst working at Kingston Hospital and later married.
Tales of living in Larksfield in Kent where his parents had a Surgery in a stable block along with four other doctors. David was born in 1936 and didn't attend school until he was past 5 years old often enjoying the freedom of playing with other children in the surrounding country side.
The surgery welcomed patients at any time of the day with four main prescriptions issued:
Pill box - usually simply Aspirin - for aches and pains
White Elixir - a white mix to solve digestive problems!
Brown liquid - suitable for all types of coughs and colds!
ADT - suitable for any damn thing the above failed to cure!!!!

The next move for the Goodwin family took them to small cottage just 3 miles away in Holtwood. Here the cottage accommodated the surgery as well as two rooms for delivering babies, and the kitchen was the used as a dispensary.
The war came in 1939 when David was just 3. Lord Halifax was the Prime Minister at the outbreak of war- quickly followed by Winston Churchill. Many Doctors under 40 were called up and David's father continued to practice until eventually he was called up and was stationed in North Africa and Sicily, he also visited Belson but always declined to speak about this subject.
On his father's return to the UK he returned to the practice. And the family increased with the arrival of very welcome twin boys, much loved brothers to David.
Life had returned to 'normal'!
All the Goodwin boys went on to become involved in the medical profession. David became a much-respected Surgeon here in Berkshire.

Challenging himself further David pursued his magical hobby, by becoming a magician and a Member of the Magic Circle. Retired now, David still maintains a real love of Magic!

However, we cannot end without mentioning David's Sporting achievement, prior to his retirement. David is very proud to have of becoming the non-playing Captain of the Goodwin Girlies Ladies Netball team - that is some achievement!!

Thoroughly enjoyed by all - We all look forward to the next instalment!