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The Great Train Robbery

The Train

The 326 Diesel train on route from Glasgow to London where it was brought to a standstill on the bridge at Ledbury

The tale he told and the anecdotes he revealed gave us all a very entertaining and interesting evening. As Simon said, so many people have a tale to tell about this event. Simon was only a young boy when the robbery took place however later he joined the Police cadets and went on to work in the training dept. at Sulhampstead- the then Police HQ. Here he discovered all the files on the train robbery in the basement, so over the next year or so he set about researching the event. He talked with people involved and built up this amazing profile of events and consequences of the now famous robbery. The robbery had a value of 2,631.78.10s (in Old Currency) all in old 5, 1, and 10s notes. Only one sixth of this amount was recovered,
Although little violence was used, Jack Mills the innocent train driver on that day did suffer very severe head injuries from a blow thought to be by one of the robbers wielding an iron bar. Jack never fully recovered from his injuries.

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