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The 'Spider' device is a series of elastic ropes attached to an open frame which creates a 'spider's web, holding each child in their perfect postural position and enabling them to practice balancing, crawling, kneeling and standing positions, whilst concentrating on essential movements such as supporting, reaching, grasping and holding.
Developed in Poland, the 'Spider' enables therapists to carry out a full course of exercises in any chosen position.
The therapists often incorporate equipment such as trampolines, treadmills and balance boards to help stimulate the correct patterns of position and movement.
Whilst taking a firm approach, the therapists integrate a range of games and toys to encourage young children to enjoy and get the most from their therapy.
The open frame 'Spider' is currently not found anywhere else in the UK.

Maggie left us all with the thought that ,'Each and every person who supports our work helps a child with a neurological disorder take a step forward on their journey'

A truly enjoyable talk from Maggie that captivated the audience.
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