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A Magnificent Man in his Flying Machine!

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However, it took more than just a few bits of plastic and some glue to put together this 60% scale version of the fighter plane. Alan had us all fascinated as he explained how he was forced to search across Europe and even the United States for the specialist parts and materials required to complete his project. He took us through the meticulous planning and research he did beforehand, essential for such a project. Starting the build in his garage then progressing to the carport as parts of the plane completed became too big for the garage. With final assembly in the garden!!
Using Spruce wood for the main part of the build, he sourced the 100hp Rolls Royce engine which he rebuilt, from Netherlands, the 5-point seat strap came in from the USA. The seat was hand made by a colleague of Alan's from his days when they worked at Scotchbrooks, and an impressive job the now upholsterer made of that seat!
Three years on and with the go ahead from Civil Aviation Authority, following many interim safety checks by them, he has fulfilled his dream taking to the skies over England in his home-built Spitfire.
A truly inspiring and thoroughly enjoyable evening for all.

For the full and fascinating story please follow the links, including one to the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

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