Rotary Club of Reading

95th anniversary


Team leaders, or their deputy, gave overviews of the activities within their groups and an insight of what to expect in the future, Eric Moyes gave a short address and commented on how delighted he was with the club and many activites and is looking forward to his year in Office. 'More of the Same' was his moto!
Bill Montague and Eric Moyes also thanked SandraTucker for leaving the year of her Presidency with the club in a much improved state both membership wise and financially, the members present all showed their appreciation of her work in restoring the club to this excellent position for going forward,
On a sadder note it was announced that a fellow Rotarian of Reading Club, John James, had sadly passed away recently after a long ilness. The meeting took a few moments of silence to give our thoughts to John and his family. On a brighter note it was good to see Rtn. Tim Metcalfe back at the meetings fit again after his back operation, and also the very good news that the wife of Rtn.David Holby-Wolinski had safely delivered their baby boy in the last week. Hopefully a new Rotary member of the future!