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The introduction of Solar Panels in Eritrea is bringing cost effective power to the country enabling street lighting and power to homes and factories and some will also be used to pump water to many areas for irrigation. Due to the construction of the panels that they were using Tony spotted a potential problem with dust - in abundance due to the dry arid environment that exists there. To enable the panels to work effectively panels will need to be cleaned regularly, even daily at some times of the year. He is investigating getting them to use ones with a smooth glass finish on the surface that will better resist dust build up, be easier to clean and therefore have improved efficiency.

Tony spoke highly of the young team of engineers and technicians that he worked with and how enthusiastic he found them during the project and how beneficial it had been for all concerned.
Eritrea is about half and half; Muslim/Orthodox Christian located in East Africa, bordering the Red Sea, between Djibouti and Sudan, it also has a border with Ethiopia. There is considerable Italian influence there and some beautiful and exceptionally well preserved examples of Art Deco buildings.

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