Rotary Club of Reading

A real-life story ....


A real-life story was brought to us on our 28th March meet via Nick Harbourne, from the Reading Refugee Support Group. Nick has spoken to us before, but this time he introduced us to someone who had experienced first-hand the work of the RRSG.
Faraj, was a highly successful Human Rights Lawyer in Eastern Libya before the 'Arab Spring Uprising'. Faraj spoke emotionally about his journey over the past few years from a prominent lawyer to a penniless refugee here in the UK. He took us through the loss of personal items, his kidnap, torture and finally his escape. Arriving in the UK alone, he was initially settled in Cardiff where he was supported by the Cardiff Rotary Club. Following much paperwork, Faraj had success, when his family finally arrived safely here in the UK. All are now well settled in the UK, thanks to the great help of RRSG.
Faraj is now a trustee for Reading Refugee Support Group, helping in their tireless work here in Reading .
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