Rotary Club of Reading

A Magical Evening


Having handed over paper money John, being an accountant, had made a note of the serial number - Richard was more trusting. Richard got his fiver back but John's tenner which had been ripped in half was substituted with a different one!

Numbers had been swelled by the presence of Assistant District Governor Greg and eight Rotarians with two of their guests from Pangbourne Rotary Club including their President Tony Eldridge and Jenny Searle, who was a member of our Club until a few years ago. This all added to a carnival atmosphere as the magician baffled all of us by reading our minds and stealing cash and jewellery from his willing stooges, all of whom were pleased but puzzled to find their valuables returned intact. Perplexed, baffled, bewildered, non-plussed and flummoxed as we all were, it was an evening of good food and rich entertainment.