Rotary Club of Reading


Having benefitted from the programme the hope is that the children will be able to:

1. Describe the characteristics of positive interpersonal relationships

2. Describe safe and respectful behaviours when using communication technology

3. Identify responsible, self-protective assertive techniques to respond to unsafe or disrespectful online and offline situations

4. Identify strategies for keeping personal information safe online

5. Demonstrate strategies to deal with both face-to-face and online bullying

6. Demonstrate strategies and skills for supporting others who are bullied

7. Accept that safe, responsible and respectful behaviour is necessary when interacting with others online and face-to-face.

This is the first school in Reading to sign up for bCyberwise and as the Life Education team have kindly squeezed four classes into one day it is best value for Rotary pounds and works out to a cost of just under 3 per child. With Club granting 50% for the first two years to get the school started our total cost over two years will be 335.

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