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AMAR Foundation - 1st November 2016

Richard discussing AMAR with Richard

Richard Stone discussing AMAR with Richard Crow

Richard Crow is a former army officer who heads a small UK team that directs the work of the foundation. Richard, who is the CEO of AMAR, spoke about how AMAR works through local institutions using skilled local people and local resources but with awareness of the danger of corruption. The conflict in Iraq and the surrounding countries has displaced literally millions of people and AMAR's work is to do as much as they can in the form of vocational skills, training and improvement of infrastructure. They are currently building a girls' school and operate several health centres whose patients include Yazidi women who were tortured and sexually abused by ISIL. So far under AMAR's 'Escaping Darkness' programme 850 of these women have been trained as health volunteers. The community benefits from the work the women do but the programme also helps to raise the status of women generally. Medically, over a million people have been vaccinated and a recent development is working in Iraqi prisons.

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