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Street Child

Rebecca Smith


One function of the charity is to use its knowledge to direct inter-governmental aid to effective projects. It works directly with street children in their own environment towards reunification with their families, reintroduction to education and the creation of a sustainable home-life. Education being the key to prosperity, Street-Child lays great emphasis on building and refurbishing schools, providing transport to enable children get to school and in training teachers. Even getting trainee teachers to college presents a similar problem as does the shortage of basic materials such as pencils and paper.
The Ebola outbreak in 2014 affected Sierra Leone very badly, leaving many children orphaned and without support. Street Child encourages surviving relatives to support the children as best that can and one method is to provide them with (relatively cheap) loans to purchase good seed so that they can begin to feed themselves.
Street Child would welcome our financial help in undertaking what is obviously very valuable work.

Footnote by EM: There is a UK non-profit organisation with the name 'Street Child Africa' which does similar work in other countries in Africa and is perhaps easily confused with 'Street Child'

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