Rotary Club of Reading

District Governor's Visit 27th September 2016

The DG

Joy Arnott, the DG

End Polio Now

Joy urged our Club to participate fully in the 'Purple4Polio campaign' launched this month, which would be planting millions of crocuses to publicise Rotary's determination to wipe out this disease. The colour purple is a direct link to our immunisation programme. Every child who is immunised has his or her finger dipped in purple dye to indicate which children have been immunised.

Rotary is growing worldwide but shrinking in countries like ours. We must make Rotary fit for purpose in the 21st century. Rotary exists to serve humanity and to do this successfully we must innovate. We have come a long way, especially remembering that it was only in 1989 that women were allowed in Rotary worldwide, but we must do more to ensure the health of the movement.
Finally, Joy emphasised that the District organisation exists only to help clubs: it is not there to lay down rules. She congratulated our Club on the success of our previous Santa Runs and wished us all success with our future ventures
Footnote: In connection with the role of women in Rotary, members may like to follow the link, especially seeing the reference to the Duarte Club in California, which was expelled in 1977 for admitting women to its membership!

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