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Clients are referred to GRAFT's Blenheim Road centre by inter alia social workers and by hospitals. The charity seeks to prepare people who have fallen by the wayside for return to normal life and employment, from being net beneficiaries of welfare to net contributors. The people that GRAFT helps may be physically or mentally disabled or they may have any other problem that prevents them from seeking, getting and holding a job.
GRAFT's staff work with their clients on a one-to-one basis helping them to gain self-confidence and self-respect using their action plans. Sometimes they have great successes as in the case of one client who they helped into employment in a care home and who was able to give a presentation to local business leaders. In contrast a young woman whose life was chaotic and who used prison as a safe place was brought back to near normality but is currently relapsed. They are, nevertheless, still working with her.
Rotarians who wish to know more about GRAFT Thames Valley should visit the website.

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