Rotary Club of Reading

Lord Nuffield - William Morris

Tony Boffin

Tony Boffin of the National Trust

Tony Boffin, had a personal and family connection with the subject of his talk at our evening meeting on 30 August 2016 - as a boy he had delivered bread from his father's bakery to Nuffield Place, Lord and Lady Morris's Oxfordshire residence. Nowadays Tony is a National Trust volunteer at the big house.

William Morris's intention was to always bring motoring to people of modest means and his first major car design was the 'Bullnose' Morris. After World I he developed the Morris Minor and the Morris Oxford. In doing this he became one of the richest men in the world, which enabled him to acquire Nuffield Place. But his life style was always modest as anyone who visits his house will see.
Morris and his wife Elizabeth had no children (his baronetcy, viscountcy and other honours died with him in 1963) and so he gave away his vast fortune to charity and other good causes including the foundation of Nuffield College, University of Oxford).
Members who have not visited Nuffield Place should put it on their to do list as it lies only half an hour's drive north of central Reading. It contains many interesting exhibits including an iron lung that was given to the Royal Berkshire Hospital to treat polio victims during the late 1940s.