Rotary Club of Reading

The Dictionary Project

In 2007 the then President (John James) initiated our Club's participation in the Dictionary project and in July 2008 we presented 100 copies of the Usborne Illustrated Dictionary to Year 6 pupils leaving their local Reading primary schools to move to secondary schools. Targeted that year were Oxford Road Community, Wilson and Katesgrove Schools.

Jack Holt took up the President's initiative and has targeted schools in the poorer areas of the town where we were told that there might be few books in the family home. The presentation was well received by pupils and teachers alike and frequently formed part of the schools' leaving ceremony. Labels are printed for the inside covers which note the name of the school with space for the pupil's name and, of course, our Club name. The dictionaries retail at around 13 but we buy them through a national Rotary project at 3.50 so it is a great value for money project.

Some have asked about the efficacy of presenting a hard cover book in this IT age but we have checked this with a sample of school Heads and all say that the printed word is still very important particularly in our target schools.

From the small beginning in 2007 the project has since been rolled out to 13 schools in 2015 and more still joining. This means that in Reading primary schools well over 500 Year 6 pupils are benefiting.

The work involves around a dozen members in various roles - printing, labeling, delivery and administration.
(JH 8.2015)

The suppliers this year (2016) said 'thank for the very large order' so clearly we are one of their larger customer clubs who are supporting this fantastic idea of dictionaries to yr. 6 pupils - and the schools are so enthusiastic about them.
Thanks Amir (9.12.2016)