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Orum Primary School - Uganda

Orum Primary School

The contractor shaking hands with a teacher , both kneeling. School management and parents are also in the picture.

new classroom

Children studying in the new classroom

The school cost 18,000 or 7 per sq ft, the club providing 6,000 and family and friends of Nick 12,000. It took just 4 months to raise the funds and just 4 months to build.

Some parents cannot afford school fees and if any member wants to sponsor a pupil through Fr Boniface the terms fees are 10 or 30 per annum. Approximately 55 % the pupils are boys and 45 % are girls and pupils are accepted from all religous denominations.

The school is due to be officially opened on 20 July this year by the Bishop of Lira and a further report will be made then.