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The Footsteps Foundation

Maggie at Footsteps

Maggie with Graham

Maggie told Graham what a massive difference the donation will make to the Foundation and she is looking forward to coming along to the club to give an update one day in the future.

Without the support of Footsteps Foundation, many families would not have the means to access intensive physiotherapy. The Foundation doesn't receive any funding from the government and a large amount of income comes from committed supporters across the UK. With our support The Foundation can fund a footstep and help begin a journey for disabled children in need of intensive physiotherapy.

Maggie showed Graham around their Facilities which were operating at full potential at the time of his visit. This type of therapy for disabled young people originated in Poland. All therapy at Footsteps is undertaken by qualified therapists. They are qualified as physiotherapists in their own country and are specially trained in 'Spider' therapy at The Footsteps Centre and we have therapists trained in Bobath and PNF techniques.
Staff here are very highly trained, but Maggie explained that luckily they have a very small turnover off their staff, which only emphasised what a very happy and welcoming environment this unit is for the visiting families with their disabled youngsters.
Please take a look at their website!

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