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The club meets at the Pepe Sale Restaurant on Tuesdays at 12:30 for 1pm situated in Queens Walk in Reading (Down the side of the Penta Hotel in Oxford Road)

Except there is usually an evening meeting on the 5th Tuesday of the month at Caversham Heath Golf Club (7:30pm for 8:00pm)

Prospective visitors to evening meetings must contact the Club's Secretary by MIDDAY THE FRIDAY PRECEDING THE MEETING

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'Memories of Medicine before the NHS and other things!' or David Goodwin on Medicine, Midwives, Magic and Mr Netball!

Working magic

Working Magic

Netball Captain

Netball Captain

Rtn. David Goodwin treated us to a very humorous and informative talk on Tuesday 24th April. Tales of David's upbringing within the medical profession prior to the introduction of the NHS that came into being when Labour came to power in 1945. An extensive programme of welfare measures followed - including a National Health Service (NHS). The Minister of Health, Aneurin Bevan, was given the task of introducing the service.
However prior to this David spoke of how his Father attended Cambridge University to study medicine to become a doctor. and his mother was educated at an East End College training to become a Midwife.

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Building project for BWA hostel

BWA nearing the roof level 2

Just needs a roof now!

The Club is funding a major part of the cost of this project and building is now underway.
Follow the links for more photos as the project develops. It is now at the stage where we are looking for donations of equipment for bathrooms, kitchens etc.
A recent report of an intruder resulted in the police attending the scene, when questioned the intruding Muntjac insisted on being addressed as 'Deer'!

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President's message:-

President 2017/2018With our growing membership, our ambitious programme
of helping those in need and our lively social life, we are
committed to doing even more of the same good things
that we have achieved of late.
Eric Moyse

Next Meeting
22nd May 2018
Club's AGM

Future meetings

29th May 2018
Subject: History of Mapledurham Mill
Speaker: Corry Starling, Miller of Mapledurham
NB This is an evening meeting

5th June 2018
Club Assembly

12th June 2018
Subject: Supporting families whose children have special needs/disabilities
Speaker: Sarah Bamford, Volunteer Co-ordinator,
Reading Information Advice & Support Service

Make a world of difference

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