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The club meets at the Pepe Sale Restaurant on Tuesdays at 12:30 for 1pm situated in Queens Walk in Reading (Down the side of the Penta Hotel in Oxford Road)

Except there is usually an evening meeting on the 5th Tuesday of the month at Caversham Heath Golf Club (7:30pm for 8:00pm)

Prospective visitors to evening meetings must contact the Club's Secretary by MIDDAY THE FRIDAY PRECEDING THE MEETING

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wishes you a very Happy Christmas and New Year

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young carers

Young Carers

During our December 12th meet we enjoyed a very inspiring talk by Tracey Daniels who works for Reading Borough Council in charge of Young Carers Assessment. Tracey also runs a Young Carers' Project for young people aged between 5 and 19 who are defined as 'carers'. Tracey explained how they define a young carer.:
'A child or young person who cares for a relative and carries out an inappropriate level of duties around the home or provides emotional or physical support to their parents or siblings.'
This means that the young carer might help around the house doing the cleaning, making the beds or making the dinner. They might help get their younger siblings to and from school or do their homework. Perhaps they are responsible for helping their disabled relative get around, so they might help lift them in and out of the bath or on and off the toilet. Or they might support their relative after they have been drinking, or when their mood is low. Each young carer is unique, and their responsibilities differ.

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One of our members receives a letter from our Prime Minister

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The finishing line!

santarun2017 (9)
santarun2017 (11)

The Reading Santa Run 2017 was a great success! Despite the drizzle and cold the participants were in great spirits and all seem to thoroughly enjoy the event.

Once the 5km runners had been 'warmed up' by an instructor from Buzz Gym, one of the main sponsors of the race, The Mayor of Reading Rose Williams started the race of Santa's at 9.30.

Follow the links to the official pictures of the day:

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President's message:-

President 2017/2018With our growing membership, our ambitious programme
of helping those in need and our lively social life, we are
committed to doing even more of the same good things
that we have achieved of late.
Eric Moyse

Next Meeting
19th December 2017
Christmas Lunch
NB Prospective visitors must contact the club secretary

Future meetings

9th January 2018
Speaker: Councillor Rose Williams - Mayor of Reading

16thJanuary 2018
Subject: Volvi Refuge Camp
Speaker: Maggie Filipova-Rivers

23rd January 2018
Subject: Babies in Buscot Ward
Speakers: Elizabeth Josif (Charles Hubbard's daughter) and Sarah Critchley

Make a world of difference

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